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Dr. Danella Eliasov

Specialist Psychiatrist

Practice Number: 0548944

Dr. Danella Eliasov the couch newMy Story

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My journey began while at Wits Medical School, where I first began learning about psychiatry. After graduating from medical school, I worked as an intern at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital and spent time working in the Psychiatric Department. I later returned to work in Psychiatry during my community service. I then stayed on in the Department as a Medical Officer. Thereafter, I went on to complete the 4 year psychiatry specialist training program through WITS and passed the required exams to graduate as a Specialist Psychiatrist. During this time I also participated in research in the field of Neuropsychiatry.

After qualifying as a Specialist, I stayed on as a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. There, I ran a Psychiatric Ward and a Dual Diagnosis Clinic while also lecturing medical students and doctors involved in the Psychiatry Specialization training through WITS.

After contributing my expertise and time to the public health sector, I decided the time was right to move on into Private Practice. I started out part-time by consulting at Akeso Psychiatric Hospital in Parktown. I work very closely with a team of mental healthcare professionals, including psychologists, neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, nurses, social workers and other medical specialists (neurologists, endocrinologists, gynaecologists etc). I also believe in a holistic approach to mental health, emphasizing lifestyle changes (diet, exercise etc.) as an adjunct to therapy and medication.

I have an interest in the following areas:

  • Mood and anxiety disorders (depression, bipolar, panic and anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorder).
  • Adolescents/young adults.
  • Neuropsychiatry (head injuries/concussion,epilepsy, neuroendocrine disorders, behavioural problems due to medical conditions etc).
  • Substance use disorders/dual diagnosis, impulse control disorders, eating disorders (binge-eating, anorexia, bulimia etc).
  • Personality disorders.
  • Psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, substance induced psychotic disorders).
  • ADHD (in adults and children).

My Qualifications

Specialized Psychiatry

MBBCh (WITS), DMH (SA), FCPsych (SA) Dr. Danella Eliasov the couch dr

My Clinical Experience

Medicine and Psychiatry

After studying medicine at Wits, I completed a 2 year internship and 1 year community service at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hopsital, during which I spent 3 months and 6 months respectively. I also spent 6 months as a Medical Officer in the Department  of Psychiatry at Baragwanath. Additionally, I spent 4 years as a registrar completing the specialist training programme through WITS and working as a Psychiatrist at various academic hospitals:

Tara Hospital:

I spent 6 months working in a specialised psychotherapy unit focusing on psychotherapy. I also spent 6 months in a general psychiatry ward and out-patient clinic.

Sterkfontein Hospital:

 I spent 6 months in forensic psychiatry which involved management of state patients and included forensic observation.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital Department of Psychiatry:

During my time as a specialist in training at Baragwanath Hospital , I worked in male and female acute wards as well as in emergency psychiatry and the out-patients department. In addition, I worked in consult-liason psychiatry where i worked closely with other medical specialities. I also worked in specialised out-patient clinics: a neuropsychaitry and dual-diagnois (addiction) clinic.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital Department of Neurology:

I worked in neurology for 6 months, seeing hospital patients and out-patients.

Community Psychiatry:

 For 1 year I worked at various government community psychiatry clinics across Gauteng.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Baragwanath: 

I spent 6 months working in the child and adolescent unit at Baragwanath, seeing both in and out-patients. I then spent a further 6 months working at various child and adolescent clinic across Gauteng.

After completing my specialist exams, I took a post as a Consultant Psychiatrist for 6 months at Baragwanath Hopsital. During this time, I ran a general psychiatry ward as well as a dual diagnosis (substance rehabilitation ) clinic. Concurrently, I worked for Wits University lecturing medical students and psychiatry specialists in training. I also started a private practice at Akeso Parktown, seeing both in and out-patients.


Aside from their busy schedules, our professional staff are published authors and regularly contribute their research, opinion and expertise through a variety of media platforms. Some of these platforms include the South African Journal of Psychiatry, SAFM Radio, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Sowetan, O! Oprah Magazine, SADAG, SABC Newsroom amongst many others.

Specialist Psychiatrist, Dr. Danella Eliasov, is one of these published authors and contributors. Danella's academic background and passion for her work translates into research topics and opinion pieces that reflect her years of experience and special interest. Below are abstracts, summaries and links to some of her published work and opinion pieces.


On-going Televesion Series: Tune into the SABC Newsroom once a month as Danella appears to discuss current events relating to the field of psychiatry.

Official MediaSABC Newsroom, 29 July 2015

Episode 1: On SuicideSABC Newsroom: Suicide

Important note for institutions and/or persons interested in contacting regarding any publication and opinion pieces; please ensure contact is made well in advance prior to your deadline as we are not able to guarantee availability unless an official booking has been made.
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