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Medico Legal/Forensic Reporting

The Couch Medico Legal ForensicsMedico-legal assessments provide an independent opinion regarding claims and disputes for personal and psychological injury in relation to civil and criminal law matters. This may include assessments and evaluations for individuals regarding public liability compensation, victim’s compensation (victim of crime), worker’s compensation (emotional suffering as a result of workplace bullying), accident and personal injury (a motor vehicle accident or workplace accident/incident), medical negligence, and trauma. Medico-legal reports require a comprehensive assessment process which involves a face-to-face clinical interview and psychometric evaluation. Psychological tests that may form part of a forensic psychological evaluation include personality tests, emotional questionnaires, neuropsychological and cognitive tests, intelligence tests, and psycho-diagnostic instruments. This comprehensive report generally provides an opinion as to the nature and impact of the injury or condition, determination of any relevant DSM-V diagnosis, and recommendations for the treatment and management of the injury or condition.

At The Couch, our medico-legal/forensic team is ready to help you move your case forward.