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Child Therapy

The Couch Child Therapy

 "It is a joy to be hidden, but a disaster not to be found"

- Donald Winnicott

Like a treasure chest hidden from the roaming eyes of the world, your child has a wealth concealed within them capable of providing the building blocks for a future resplendent with light, hope, authenticity and success. Indeed, every child on this earth is unique, with their own personal sets of personalities, experiences, beliefs, appearances and challenges. We all have struggles too, and a child experiencing a difficult phase in their life can often feel ostricized, scared, angry and lost. As a parent, this can sometimes leave you feeling helpless and alone and unsure of which direction to turn. We know that there is no limit to what you want to give your child, only the reality of how much you actually can. If your child is experiencing difficulties in their life, we at The Couch have a message for you; There is hope, a way forward, and we possess the expertise, experience and tools to provide you with guidance you need to help them. Welcome to TROVE, our unique brand of child therapy that assist's children and adolescents to unlock their potential


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Unlocking your child's potential

So, what is TROVE?

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TROVE is a branded child therapy solution created by The Couch that forms part of our therapeutic range of psychological and psychiatric services. The word 'trove' means 'a discovery of a collection of valuable or delightful things' and is a symbolic representation of our approach to helping children overcome their challenges and unlock their unique potential, something we believe that every child possesses. Aligned with our core practice beliefs, TROVE employs a visceral and eclectic therapeutic approach to providing children, adolescents and their families with the therapeutic skills and guidance necessary to surmounting their unique challenges. To accomplish this, TROVE focuses on three principal components:

  1. Creating and maintaining a private and healing therapeutic environment.
  2. Providing quality, dynamic therapeutic solutions that tap into the experience and expertise of our full reserve of specialists - our team of educational and clinical psychologists - augmented by full psychiatric support where necessary.
  3. Providing on-going support and guidance for children, adolescents and their families in both the active and post phases of therapy.

But, what makes TROVE different from any other type of child therapy?

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Some of the most common questions we are asked, is why are we different from other child therapy centres? How is TROVE different to other child therapy programs? Why must I spend money privately when my child already has access to a counsellor in school?

These pertinent questions are asked by parents who simply want to ensure that their children are in the care of professionals that know what they are doing, that make their child feel safe and contained, that charge a rate that is affordable and reflective of the quality of their service, and provide you, as parents, with a clear and tangible as possible roadmap of the path forward. Every practice, centre or therapist has a particular way of working and so employ staff and fashion an environment that is aligned with their particular way of thinking and working. At The Couch, we feel we offer something different and that difference can be found in 4 specific areas of our services:

  1. A Personal and Private Setting and Service - Burrowed in the heart of Rivonia in a boomed-off enclosure, the tranquil and therapeutic environment we have created at The Couch is conducive for privacy, healing, growth and change. We have facilities for child and adult therapies and self-esteem development.
  2. Therapeutic Excellence - Scholastic environments, whilst adequate, are often not effectively equipped from both an environmental and clinical perspective to effectively deal with a child's issues. Our highly skilled team of therapists and psychiatrists share their experience and expertise to formulate a therapeutic treament plan that is effective and has a lasting effect.
  3. On-Going Support Systems - At The Couch, we don't just diagnose, treat and send you along your way. We do provide therapy, but also guidance and on-going support systems available through our group programs, allied professional partners, workshops and team of therapists to ensure your child receives the continous high level of care that they deserve.
  4. A Unique Experience - The calibre and personality of our staff enables us to proudly offer something different, something distinctive and exclusive and a therapeutic experience that we hope will have an enduring impact on all our clients.

How can TROVE help my child and family?

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TROVE is a brand of therapy that is accessible to both children and adolescents and covers a wide range of challenges that your child might be experiencing. TROVE is effective in treating conditions such as:

Social, emotional, behavioral and learning problems which may include or arise from:

  • Post-traumatic stress.
  • Conduct disorder.
  • Aggression.
  • Anxiety/Fearfulness.
  • Depression.
  • Impulsivity.
  • Reading difficulties.
  • Social withdrawal.
  • Low Self-Esteem.
  • ADHD.
  • Low Self-Esteem.
  • Health and Body Image Issues.
  • Bullying.

As an eclectic solution, TROVE is available privately at our practice in Rivonia and subcontracted to various schools that require our services.

TROVE makes use of a variety of techniques and modalities. We select the best type of therapy based on your child's unique needs and set about creating a treatmant plan that maximizes their potential to overcome their specific challenges. Some of these techniques and modalities include:

  • Play Therapy.
  • Art Therapy.
  • Individual Child Therapy.
  • Family Therapy.
  • Group Therapy.
  • Individual Adolescent Psychotherapy.
  • Psychological Assessments.
  • Personal Growth and Development.
  • Workshops.

Hover over each picture below to learn more about the types of therapies we utilize:

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Every morning when your child opens their eyes is an opportunity to either nurture or inhibit their development. The amount of skills that you possess and the guidance you provide will have a direct impact on their ability to cope in this unpredicatable world. For all the parents reading this now, it is never too late to get your child the help they need. Like Winnicott says, don’t try to be the perfect parent, just try to be a good enough one. Here’s to the good enough parent...

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