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Mom and Baby Support Circle

Becoming a mother brings about an enormous amount of change in a very short period of time. The physical, emotional and identity changes can be very overwhelming. Having a space to process these changes and explore ways of adjusting to this new role has a great impact on a mothers’ confidence and enjoyment of this new season.

Connecting with moms in a similar phase reduces feelings of isolation. Being able to share experiences and identify with one another can have a positive effect to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Normalizing the stressors of new motherhood helps to gain perspective and develop effective coping strategies. 

Occupational Therapy groups help moms navigate this life transition through holistic and practical strategies that support self-care, create gentle rhythms to care for and bond with baby, manage other roles and find one’s identity as both a mom and a woman. By utilizing co-occupations, moms can engage in activities they love and find ways to flow through their day intentionally, creating a sense of fulfilment

The Mom and Baby Support Circle will focus on:

  • Giving moms a safe space to share their emotions and experiences of motherhood both positive and negative. 
  • Guiding moms to create holistic and realistic coping strategies to manage the everyday details of caring for self, baby and home. 
  • Gain perspective of how to adapt effectively to this new identity, process feelings of loss and engage in meaningful occupations that instill a sense of fulfilment. 
  • Additionally, how to navigate baby blues, anxiety and depression during the postpartum period and build a connection with your baby.