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Tankwa Camino Hiking Trail

Tankwa Camino Hike the couch

"Inner strength and a strong mind will keep you on track, but "your emotions need to be as educated as your intellect. It is important to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let life in... so that it can touch you" - Jim Rohn

Join Clinical Psychologist Yumna Zubi and Psychiatrist Dr. Alicia Porter alongside a group of other practitioners, as they channel their inner strength and strong minds to take on the Tankwa Camino hiking trail (276km over 10 days) in an effort to raise awareness for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

You can keep track of their #HikeForMentalHealth from the 3rd of September by following us on: 

You can also join in on our initiative by sharing this link with your friends and family or anyone you think would like to get involved. All proceeds go to the non-profit organization SADAG.

Donation Link:

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